It began as a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift to my wife in 2012. I handed her a brand new sparkling Nikon camera to capture the precious moments in our lives, thinking I was being a terrific husband. What I didn’t know at the time, was that she expected me to be the one taking the pictures. I snapped a couple of shots and almost instantly a passion was ignited in me - and I wanted to learn more. As time has gone on, I have progressed from simple snapshots of my kids, to photos of friends and family and on to portraits of families, seniors, proms, sporting events and all kinds of amazing moments that deserve to be captured.

As the son of an Airforce Airman, I called many places home as a child. I traveled to many different states and different countries, eventually spending my teen years in Alabama. I decided to follow the family tradition of military service and joined the Army. I was stationed in Kansas at the age of 19 and have spent the majority of my years here since then. My wife and I have three children and enjoy following them to their sports and various extracurricular activities. In addition to photography and of course my wife and children, sports are a huge passion of mine. Photographing my children at sporting events has allowed me to combine two of my favorite pastimes. Several of my sports photographs are on display at the St. Marys High School gym.

To me, photography isn’t simply about capturing the image in front of me, it is about capturing someone's life and heartbeat and creating something they will be proud to display for years to come.

Please contact me if you are interested in capturing those moments.